Friday, March 4, 2011

April 1976: Interesting Idea #2

Question: In a previous review of an article on how to organize an American classroom, I remember that the author offered three choices: teacher-dominant, student-centered and teacher-students learning together. How would you invite the latter approach?

Answer: The article from which this idea was taken was about how to create and organize elective courses. It suggests that the teachers offer what they themselves want to learn as the subjects of the courses. It’s but one step from what the teacher wants to learn to what teacher and students want to learn together. I could see such an approach used in demonstrating the steps in a research paper. Teacher and students learn together how to produce a research project and paper on a topic of mutual interest.

I thought it was an interesting idea. RayS.

Title: “Ten Guidelines for Establishing an Elective Program.” Larry Palmatier and Millie Martin. English Journal (April 1976), pp. 28-31.

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