Monday, February 28, 2011

March 1976: Class on Culture in the Community

Question: “Do you think you could persuade kids to sign up for an English course which could (a) cost them money, and (b) require them to meet evenings in addition to their regular class?”

Answer: So many students wanted to sign up for the course that the teachers had to limit the number to 25 juniors and seniors. One of the objectives of the course was to make students aware of such cultural events as plays, concerts and films in the community. They began with the school play, saw what went into the production, the mayhem back stage on opening night. Then they watched professional actors in three one-act plays by Chekhov. The teachers discovered that most of the students had never seen a play.

Comment: I was most impressed by the preparation for observing each event, from reviews to interviews with the participants, etc. RayS.

Title: “Community Culture—a Course with Class.” Jim May. English Journal (March 1976), 64-66.

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