Thursday, February 3, 2011

Topic: Reading Skills vs. Reading

Archive 20: Articles and ideas published in the 20th century on the teaching of English that are still useful in the 21st century.

Question: Is breaking reading into skills (minimum competence) the same as reading?

Answer; Reading skills are pieces of reading knowledge, but they do not themselves add up to reading, which is meaning. The author concludes: “All the other systems and strategies should be available (especially in the teacher’s head) so that if needed to unlock anything they can be used, but only to enhance actual reading.” P. 49.

Comment: Passing a test of a set of reading sub-skills does not necessarily add up to the ability to read. RayS.

Title: “Reading (Whatever That Is) Is Not Math (Whatever That Is).” Seymour Yesner. English Journal (February 1976), 45-49.

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