Friday, February 18, 2011

March 1976: Examples of Sexist and Nonsexist Alternatives

Sexist: mankind
Alternatives: humanity, human beings, people.

Sexist: man’s achievements
Alternative: human achievements

Sexist: the best man for the job
Alternatives: the best person for the job; the best man or woman for the job.

Sexist: man-made
Alternatives: synthetic, manufactured, crafted, machine-made.

Sexist: the common man
Alternatives: the average person, ordinary people

Sexist: chairman
Alternatives: coordinator, moderator, presiding officer, head, chair.
Sexist: businessman, fireman, mailman
Alternatives: business executive or manager, fire fighter, mail carrier

Sexist: steward and stewardess
Alternatives: flight attendant

Sexist: policeman and policewoman
Alternative: police officer

Title: “For the Members.” Prepared by Headquarters Staff of NCTE. English Journal (March 1976), pp. 23-26.

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